Our selection of healthy tapas to enjoy this summer

If you are tapas lovers and even more, at this time of the year, do not worry about your line and your health, because you only need to choose your options very well, so, then we leave our selection of healthy tapas to enjoy this summer.

Healthy ingredients and good cooking methods

Although we have said it many times, of course The key to choosing healthy tapas and skewers is to look at the ingredients as well as the cooking methods used for the elaboration of each one of them.

That is, the ideal is to choose nutritious and light ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, fish or shellfish, among others, and avoid those skewers or tapas that have sausages loaded with fat, butter, cream or similar.

With regard to cooking methods, it is clearly better to choose tapas or skewers with fresh ingredients, grilled, steamed or boiled than those that are the product of a frying, because this not only adds fat and calories, but also, can favor the loss of good nutrients.

With this in mind, we can always choose healthier tapas and skewers that allow us to enjoy them this summer, without any fault.

Our selection of healthy tapas to enjoy this summer

Taking into account the above, we can imagine that it will be much easier to consume healthy tapas and skewers if we make them at home, so, then we leave our selection of healthy tapas that everyone can easily prepare and enjoy without fault this summer:

  • Zucchini rolls stuffed with spinach and goat cheese: very light, easy to make and with high protein contentTherefore, they satisfy the body easily while offering good nutrients.
  • Skewer of octopus and San Simón cheese with pumpkin: another option that satisfies and offers calcium, quality protein and potassium in high proportions.
  • Veal carpaccio rolls with arugula and dates: very light and satiating, this lid rich in protein and fiber It is very easy to do to share with friends or family.
  • Skewers of artichoke, pepper and smoked cod: a very elegant, tasty and nutritious alternative, as it highlights the carotenes, he calcium, he magnesium and the potassium as well as the high proportion of fiber.
  • Bruschettas a la caprese: a very easy and light idea, as well as very tasty, which offers us calcium, vitamin C and antixodantes among which carotene stands out, ideal for this time of year.
  • Boquerones jardinierera: with a lot iron and vitamin C, this lid is simple to make at home, and very tasty.
  • False Gildas: with many protein, good fats and calcium, this recipe is very pleasant to the palate and very practical to make at home.
  • Provencal mussels: an excellent cover to share and with very good nutrients, among which the iron and the vitamin C, ideal to prevent anemia or take care of the body's defenses.
  • Ham bruschettas with arugula and pepper asadillo: with many proteins that satisfy, carotenes, vitamin C and potassium, this cover can be ideal if we hurry and look for a great table to share.

This is our selection of healthy tapas We recommend preparing and enjoying this summer so as not to pass the traditional tapas or the care of our line.

Beware the glasses

In addition to choosing the caps that we are going to consume very well, it is always important keep track of your accompaniment Main, that is, the intake of soft drinks, drinks, beers and others, which may be responsible for excess calories.

Therefore, remember drink in moderation and choose sugar free drinks To accompany these healthy tapas and thus, enjoy a good time between friends and loved ones, savoring good skewers and tapas, without any fault.

You see that eating healthy is not at odds with eating tasty with a group of friends or family.

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