Red Courtesy, a beer with service ritual

You know that from time to time I like to try new beers, and even more so if it is a special, mysterious and suggestive as Red Courtesy, a beer that even has a service ritual, and whose design and approach goes out of the conventional.

Red Courtesy defines itself as "emotional gastronomic beer", that is, an emotional gastronomic beer, "an iconic concept inspired by two souls: the silence of Japan and the light of the Mediterranean", because it is not in vain made in Elche. The first one can be appreciated as soon as you take the bottle, and the second one shows especially when drinking its contents.

Design and appearance

The bottle design is as impeccable as it is impressive. It does not seem that we are facing a bottle of beer, but its shape and its black glass, opaque and matt, allow us to draw analogies with the traditional Japanese jars of serving sake, something that is accentuated if instead of a glass we use one of the black chalices that sell for this purpose.

This Japanese touch accentuates a red dot that stands out over the black like the sun at dawn, and completes the references to the Japanese country the kit for the service ritual, through which we can add spicy, citrus or floral touches to beer by passing it through allspice, citron or dried orange blossom respectively.


Once served in the cup we find ourselves before a copper-colored beer with golden highlights, slightly cloudy and without appreciating any carbon. The cream that forms is very elegant, of a beautiful white, although it is neither abundant nor lasting, because you see that neither time has given me to "hunt it" in the photo.

Red Courtesy Tasting

We have already commented at the beginning that the Red Courtesy is a gastronomic beer, which seeks to arouse emotions. That tries to achieve it with a very careful manufacturing process (it is a blond beer of high fermentation, with second fermentation and maturation in the bottle), but above all adding botanical notes next to the hops during cooking: specifically allspice, dried orange blossom, citron, hand of Buddha and, recently, they have incorporated cardamom.

This makes when we bring the beer to the nose, it offers a wide range of smells on which citrus fruits prevail, although behind we find notes of yeast and bread, of flowers and a little spicy, like when you serve freshly ground pepper.

But nevertheless, where this beer is most surprising is in the mouth. It happens to many gourmet beers that, for wanting to innovate and attract attention, end up presenting a product that is not harmonious. This does not happen to Red Courtesy, which is the delicacy made beer.

When after so much ritual one expects a powerful entrance in the mouth, He does it gently, stroking the palate which silk sheet on the skin. Start slightly sweet, sweet, although citrus notes appear immediately and the flavors intensify until you reach an end with a hops touch, only slightly bitter, with a toasted point and another ripe fruit. It is one of those drinks that makes you debate between giving another immediately or let your mouth delight in what you just enjoyed.

For hitting this Red Courtesy beer, it would be its price. The quality is paid, of course, but in this case too much: 16.95 euros for two 500ml bottles means that with that money we can buy an already very good bottle of wine. It is true that they come in a beautiful box and that we can use it to pair as if it were wine, but perhaps it seems like a tad too much, probably because the beautiful bottle increases its cost. Still, I highly recommend trying it.

Red courtesy

Red Courtesy Emotional Gastronomic Beer
Style | High fermentation blonde
Graduation | 5.5% Vol
Punctuation | It is essential to try it

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