Onion chicken tacos, banana fritters and much more in Directo al Paladar México (XLIV)

This week our summary with the best of Direct to the Palate Mexico It comes loaded with good recipes so that we explore a little the cuisine they prepare on the other side of the puddle, to prepare a dinner with an exotic touch these days.

We will start perhaps with the exotic recipe of all, but that is perfect as a first course: a creamy pasta with spinach. We can also serve, as an appetizer, as first or second, some delicious zucchini stuffed with ham and cheese, or if not some peppers stuffed with chicken and sausage that look beautiful.

Although we are looking a complete dish that will starve us, then yours is to opt for these beef strips in red wine sauce, which we can accompany with a side dish of potatoes au gratin with bacon and onion to finish putting the brooch on the food.

However, it is likely that now in summer you feel more like having a lighter bite, or maybe we will go out for a picnic and want something to eat with your hands. In that case, we have three options for each one better:

Finally, for the dessert, we can choose between spectacular banana fritters or some no less appetizing baked apples with rum and oatmeal crumble. And drink, then fresh water of papaya and lemon.