Roasted pork loin with coconut milk and spices for tandoori. Recipe without lactose or gluten

Today we are going to prepare a simple recipe that will come in handy when you feel like cooking something different since it is roasted pork loin recipe with coconut milk and spices for tandoori it's really surprising. In addition to being lactose and gluten free, is a recipe suitable for everyone.

He Pork tenderloin is a very light meat It barely has fat and if it is cooked in the oven or in a covered saucepan, it is a very juicy meat that with this oriental-inspired sauce, is very tasty. With this recipe of oriental inspiration, it is very juicy inside and with a sauce and an outer layer full of flavor.

Ingredients for 6 people

  • A piece of 1 kg pork loin, 1 tablespoon of tandoori spices (tandoori curry mixture or massala), 1 can of coconut milk, 1 glass of beef broth

How to make roast pork loin with coconut milk and spices for tandoori

We begin the preparation of this recipe by browning the pork loin piece in the saucepan. To do this, we put a tablespoon of olive oil and when it is very hot, we are browning the outside of the meat on all their faces.

Add the coconut milk and the tablespoon of tandoori spices, and then cover the pan and let the meat cook without evaporating excess liquid, for 20 minutes over low heat. After that time, we turn the meat and leave it for another 15 minutes.


Turn off the heat and let the meat rest before filleting. We can cut the fillets as necessary, keeping the whole piece while we are left. The sauce is tasty and powerful and comes in handy to "cheer up" the pork tenderloin, that having no fat, is very comfortable for light dinners.

This meat is kept very well in the fridge for three or four days and it turns out very good also to take to work, since it is perfectly heated in the microwave. The coconut milk-based sauce is creamy and not contain lactose It is perfect for those who suffer intolerance to this ingredient.

Processing time | 40 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


This roasted pork loin with coconut milk and spices for tandoori It is great to surprise the family with a very simple recipe but full of flavor that will definitely come in handy for dinner.

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