The best of Direct to the Palate Answers XIX

Every fifteen days, I resume this section of The best of Direct to the Palate Answers, to encourage you to participate in our Community of friends of cooking and gastronomy, leaving your questions or answering the questions of others.

In addition, as usual, I summarize the best questions and the best answers you have left us, so that you can participate at least by reading this compilation, leaving your opinion on those topics that you consider most interesting.

These have been the contributions selected on this occasion for the best of Direct to the Palate Answers of this fortnight.

  • A few days ago, I wanted to know what dish are you most proud of? and among other interesting answers, I keep that of Franchessca that tells us: "Of my musaka, I do it frequently because they love everyone and ... of the spaghetti with ham they baptized with my name hahaha at home, because I loved all the little ones in the family.". Tell us which dish you feel most proud of.

  • Cirrus I asked a very interesting and fun thing a few days ago: What do you call coffee? Cafelito, coffee, coffee? No doubt in each house we call it one way. In mine, cafelín ... And yours?

  • Aitordb He asks us about a variety of cheese called Chihuahua or Mennonite that he can't find. You can help by leaving your suggestions or recommendations on this link.

  • This week's Question It goes on What are you going to prepare for Valentine's Day. Good hunger He says "I'm very classic, and I'm going to a winning combination dessert: chocolate cake and strawberries. If we dare, we may do some roast or similar, but what we really like is dessert, and the rest of the time we try to eat with desserts, so Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to take a more elaborate one;)"You still have time to tell us what you are going to prepare.

  • To my question of how often do you prepare one of our recipes? Fandeseries12 tells us "Approximately once a week, depending on the recipes displayed. The weekend as I have more time I usually do something sweet, and I have repeated some recipes of how well they worked out, and in view of the result I did not rule out trying them again." And you, How often do you put our ideas into practice?
  • After reminding you that we will love to see your contributions in these questions, (you can directly access them by clicking on the links) or those left by other editors or readers in our section of Direct to the Palate Answers and that we will try to solve all the doubts that you leave us there, it only remains for me to place you within fifteen days, when we will make a new compilation like today. Up to fifteen days!

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