Will you start any regime after Reyes? the question of the week

One of the New Year's resolutions that we usually do almost all of them, is related to behaving well with food after the excesses of the Christmas holidays. When January starts it seems the ideal time to put into practice our good wishes to feed ourselves properly leaving behind bad eating habits.

There are times throughout the year that seem special to make us these good purposes, although then we find it hard to meet them or we forget soon, the same thing also happens when summer approaches, but as the summer season is still far away and at this time we are all full of good intentions I ask you:

Will you start any regime after Reyes?

For my part, I have already begun to "behave" on the days of this Christmas in which there was not a meal or a designated dinner, a bit to compensate for the more I usually eat at this time, and I plan to continue doing it after the Kings , we'll see how long it will last. And you? Have you also decided to behave well and reduce some foods? As always, we thank you for leaving us your participation in the section of Direct to the Palate Answers, and not in the comments of this entry.

What has been your gastronomic discovery this year? Last week's question

Last week, my partner Liliana asked you if during 2014 you had discovered an ingredient, recipe or establishment that you would have particularly liked and I asked you about your gastronomic discovery. Among all the answers, the most valued has been that of Franchessca, which told us:

The Bun Bo Hue in Vietnam and a fish (I don't remember the name) roasted in banana leaves that present you whole and served on rice paper rolls with vegetables, are prepared on the table itself, taking portions of fish and vegetables and wrapping them in rice paper, accompanying it with different sauces.

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