La Val 2013, the albariño of a lifetime

In this week's post I want to take you to the Pontevedra town of Salvatierra de Miño to introduce you to La Val 2013, attached to the DO. Rias Baixas. It is a classic Albariño that points ways, although I believe that in a few months more in the bottle it will be more refined and will have more nuances, since it has seemed to me that it is still a little green.

This wine is made by Bodegas La Val in the beautiful Arantei Estate in which the bulk of the production of this winery is located, which was one of the driving forces of the D.O. Rias Baixas. La Val has four farms in different municipalities in Pontevedra that add up about 60 hectares of own vineyards, something unique in Galicia where the smallholding remains the king.

Wine tasting La Val 2013

The first thing to note about this wine is that it is the result of a coupage Albariño grapes from the Arantei, Pexegueiro and Taboexa farms.

The wine is from a beautiful intense straw yellow color with greenish trim. It is bright and very clean. These shades invite you to move on.

In nose It is fresh, fruity, somewhat lactic. Notes of citrus and floral memories as well as intense aromas of herbs and aromatic plants. We feel very nice sweet touches.

Has a somewhat shy mouth in which we perceive alcohol. It is a saline wine and somewhat bland due to its lack of strength as it is still green. In a few months you will be much more tuned and will have more life. The fruity notes dominate the taste phase, where the main protagonists are citrus memories. In spite of not having a lot of alcoholic graduation it denotes a high sense of alcohol that I am sure will be weakened as the wine is refined in the bottle.

La Val 2013 is a perfect wine to accompany fish and seafood as well as soft and uncured cheeses, as well as pasta Y light rice dishes.

Despite the fact that in recent days the weather has become a bit annoying and it seems that the heat will not return, calm, that that will not happen and will soon feel like tasting fresh white wines. And there will come the time of this La Val 2013 that will be at its point in a short time. My mouth is watering at the thought of a summer dinner watered by this classic cut Albariño. Almost nothing is missing.

Health and to taste.

The Val Albariño 2013

Young white wine

2013 vintage

100% Albariño

La Val Wineries

DO. Rias Baixas

12.5% ​​Alcohol Volume

Approximate retail price: between 8 and 9 euros